Visit by Vince Cable, MP for Twickenham

I had the privilege of visiting another fantastic school in the constituency this morning. A special thank you to everyone at Heathfield Schools' Partnership, to Mr Clayton the Headteacher and all his staff and to the brilliantly vibrant pupils. The atmosphere at Heathfield is joyous - a wonderfully diverse and positive environment for children to learn in.

Mr Clayton explained that more and more pupils are showing an interest in politics and I had lots of pupils come to say hello and ask me questions. Some even came bearing congratulatory messages from their parents!

Thank you to Sapphire & Tim, Green House captains, who gave me a tour of half of the school and also to year 2 bright sparks, Emily and Kodi, who gave me a tour of the other half of the school.

I was able to cast my very own vote today at Heathfield. There was a potato vote consisting of different ways to cook a potato with the winning method being served in the canteen at lunch time! I voted 'roasted' but 'chips' were way in the lead - I'm sure parents will be able to confirm the winner...

Children in Need photos 2016