English as an Additional Language.

Weekly English class for parents

Parents Group

At Heathfield Junior School, we hold a weekly English class for parents who speak other languages and wish to improve their English. These classes have been running for 8 years and have enabled some of the women to secure a place at college to continue their study of the English Language.

The main focus of the class is to develop the language skills needed for everyday life in the UK and classes so far have covered a number of topics. There has also been a focus on improving knowledge of the British Education System and addressing questions related to learning in school and pupil progress.

These classes are free and run by Mrs Simi Pathal (EAL Coordinator) every Thursday from 9.05 – 10.00 am

Topics covered so far:

  • Reading and understanding a range of school letters (trips, absence etc) and practice filling in reply slips e.g. to authorise participation on a school trip
  • Listening to answer phone messages and practising an oral response
  • Looking at strategies for parents to help their children with their reading using Dual language Books
  • ICT skills - looking at the school website and using internet search engines. The class have also practised writing simple emails
  • Role playing a possible conversation between parents and teacher at parents evening meeting
  • Calling the school to report a child's absence


"First I want to talk about Simi the group teacher. She is always support me and all. She need to give us everything she know. I am just want to thank her."

"Second, this group advised me many information I didn't know before and I meet new friends different nationality and this is very good for me and I'm actually improved in English and this is very important."


"I like to going English School because better speak English. I can make new friends. Teacher is wonderful. I'm happy learn English."

Parents' Group coffee morning

On 18th October

the ladies from Heathfield Junior School Parents' Group went out for a coffee morning to Whitton. They practised ordering their drinks in English and enjoyed chatting with each other. They had a very relaxing morning and are looking forward to the next outing. This has really helped to improve their English Language skills.

Let the ladies tell you about their experience...


"We went to coffee morning with the English group, we all very happy and enjoyed too much because it's something different, good and exciting. I enjoyed chatting with everyone. The most important thing is friendship with the teacher. I feel comfortable with Simi and friends."


"I had been to coffee with ESOL class group. We went for coffee session in Whitton. We order our coffee and some food. I order my coffee and chicken pie and enjoyed ourselves. Sometimes we doing nothing, do something and I want to go again with them. I feel very relaxed and enjoyed myself."


"We went to have coffee in Whitton. I went with a group of people I learn with. I had a lovely time. I enjoyed chatting with everyone. I was very relaxing. I'll be happy to go out with the group again."