Science Week 2020.

A different science investigation every day.

During Science Week the children at Heathfield recreated the experiments that famous scientists conducted in order to make their discoveries:

  • Charles Macintosh
  • Mary Anning
  • Galileo
  • Charles Darwin

The children enjoyed all these investigations, but more importantly they learnt a range of different scientific enquiry approaches such as: fair testing, observing over time, identifying and classifying and pattern seeking. As well as learning this, they also learnt the following scientific skills: questioning, predicting, recording and interpreting results, concluding and evaluating.

The children were lucky enough to take part in 'Fizz Pop' workshops. During these workshops the children learnt about electricity, light, the Earth and evolution in a fun and exciting way.

Lastly, don't forget the fantastic Science Dress-up Day. The costumes the children wore were truly impressive!

I am sure we have some future budding scientists here at Heathfield!