Sing Up, It's Christmas!

The Heathfield School Choir...

...have had a wonderful time learning some Christmas songs over the past few weeks.

We are excited to share one of our favourites with you: Sing Up, It's Christmas. Wishing all our pupils and their families a very Merry Christmas.

We look forward to more singing fun in 2022.

Year 2 Composition

This term, Year 2...

...have taken part in a composition project with Mr Speck based on their history topic about the Great Fire of London.

Using tuned and un-tuned instruments, the children have explored the key musical elements of pitch, dynamics, pulse and tempo along with singing famous chants linked to historical events; London's Burning and A ring-a-ring-o'-roses.

We built these into our final piece which incorporates a wide variety of ideas based on a picture of the Great Fire. When listening, can you hear: flames, people screaming and running, rats scurrying, bells, creaking wood, carts moving, an old man walking?

We hope you enjoy our work.

Poppies - A Song for Remembrance

The Heathfield Choir...

...have really enjoyed learning Poppies, a song written by Kate Courage for Remembrance Day.

The song laments the passing of soldiers in the trenches, celebrating their heroic efforts for our freedom but also acknowledges the devastating effects on their families and friends.

Listen out for the poignant lyrics and the harmony singing in the second half of the song.

Well done to all our singers for a beautiful performance.