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Year 3, Heathfield Junior School

The best start for a brilliant future

Heathfield Nursery & Infant School... a place where every child feels important, succeeds and aspires to something greater.

We achieve this through a broad and exciting curriculum combined with a focus on individual needs and a nurturing and united community.

We challenge our children to be ambitious learners who strive for excellence and achievement across all aspects of school life. Children come first: everything we do is designed for their learning, enjoyment and success.

Our goal is to enrich their lives both now and in the future.

Heathfield Infants and Nursery School.

We Value

  1. Respect for ourselves and others
  2. Contributions to the community
  3. An enthusiasm to learn
  4. Hard work and commitment
  5. Confidence to try new things
  6. Celebrating everyone's contribution

Achievement Data

We are delighted with the progress our children have made, as seen in our end of year results in Reception and Year 2. We know that young children's education was especially impacted by the pandemic and we feel these results reflect the children's hard work when they returned to school.

As an Infant School, we continue to focus on developing the children's early skills in reading, writing and maths, along with ensuring the children have a wide vocabulary and are able to listen carefully, express themselves clearly and work and play happily alongside each other.

Helen Child
Head of Infant School

Reception & Year 1 Achievement Data 2022

Year 2 SATs 2022


Expected Standard
(67% National Results)


Expected Standard
(58% National Results)


Expected Standard
(68% National Results)


Reading, Writing & Maths
Expected Standard
(54% National Results)

A glimpse into school life

  • Heathfield Infant & Nursery School.
  • Heathfield Infant & Nursery School.
  • Heathfield Infant & Nursery School.
  • Heathfield Infant & Nursery School.

I know you will see how successful the Federation has been and how ambitious we are for the future.
Paul Clayton, Executive Headteacher

What our parents say

  • Very happy and responds well to his teachers.

    Parent Survey comment 2022
  • Very happy.

    Parent Survey comment 2022
  • Learning every day.

    Parent Survey comment 2022
  • Lots of encouragement from teachers.

    Parent Survey comment 2022
  • Very friendly and caring team of teachers.

    Parent Survey comment 2022
  • Good reading culture.

    Parent Survey comment 2022
  • Mr Clayton and the leadership team are approchable and visible.

    Parent Survey comment 2022
  • Range of clubs very impressive.

    Parent Survey comment 2022