Newsletters are usually produced every fortnight during term time.

They are posted on Parent Hub as well as being uploaded to this section of the website.


Autumn Term 2022

Newsletter 25th November 2022

Newsletter 11th November 2022

Newsletter 21st October 2022

My Child’s First Device

Newsletter 7th October 2022

Newsletter 23rd September 2022

Archived Newsletters (2021-2022)

Summer Term 2022

Newsletter July 21st 2022         Newsletter 8th July 2022

Newsletter 17th June 2022          Newsletter 27th May 2022

Newsletter 13th May 2022          Newsletter 29th April 2022

Spring Term 2022

Newsletter 1st April 2022           Newsletter 18th March 2022

Newsletter 4th March 2022          Newsletter 11th February 2022

Newsletter 28th January 2022          Suet Pudding Recipe

Newsletter 14th January 2022

Autumn Term 2021

Newsletter 16th December 2021             Newsletter 10th December 2021

Newsletter 3rd December 2021            Newsletter 19th November 2021

Newsletter 5th November 2021          Newsletter 15th October 2021

Newsletter 1st October 2021          Newsletter 17th September 2021

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