Year 3


This term, Year 3 has worked with Mr Speck to create their own piece of music. Entitled 'Earth',

We were inspired by the work of Hans Zimmer, a trailblazing composer who has written and arranged music for film, stage and TV. He has written his own piece of music called 'Earth' which you can listen to at

Our music starts with a 'shimmer'; perhaps we are looking at earth from far away or imagining the sunlight as it hits the deep oceans and seas of our planet. Then, we create busy sounds that represent the life and movement of Earth; people moving around, flocks of birds and shoals of fish, and the life inside our forests. After that, you will hear musical motifs that the children composed in small groups. Can you hear rain, wind, mountains, valleys and other landscapes in the sounds we are making? Finally, our pieces are drawn to a conclusion with a final 'shimmer'.

Well done to all the pupils and teachers for their excellent work.

Recorder Club

Mamma Mia

Watch a performance from the Recorder Club.

Sing Up, It's Christmas!

The Heathfield School Choir...

...have had a wonderful time learning some Christmas songs over the past few weeks.

We are excited to share one of our favourites with you: Sing Up, It's Christmas. Wishing all our pupils and their families a very Merry Christmas.

We look forward to more singing fun in 2022.

Poppies - A Song for Remembrance

The Heathfield Choir...

...have really enjoyed learning Poppies, a song written by Kate Courage for Remembrance Day.

The song laments the passing of soldiers in the trenches, celebrating their heroic efforts for our freedom but also acknowledges the devastating effects on their families and friends.

Listen out for the poignant lyrics and the harmony singing in the second half of the song.

Well done to all our singers for a beautiful performance.

Year 5 Composition Project

Year 5 have worked with Mr Speck this term... compose their own piece of music based on 'Mars' from Gustav Holst's Planet Suite.

After listening to the music and creating our own responses through art, we began using percussion instruments to play ostinatos (repeated rhythmic patterns) taken from the original music.

We combined these with crescendos to add excitement to our playing. Then, we added our own 'marching' ostinatos based on words and phrases we associate with Mars e.g. anger, war, red, volcanoes.

Finally, we structured our pieces into a final performance which we hope you enjoy!